Built to fit, not beat to fit.
In 1997, High Temperature Technologies, Inc. was created with a desire to find innovative solutions to challenges that have troubled power plant operators. Our product ISOMEMBRANE®has an impressive track record of successfully sealing air in-leakage control issues. We have extensive expertise with diverse plant installations domestic and internationally. If you have a challenge that you are interested in looking at from a new perspective, contact us!

Sometimes on power generation equipment, what is actually there doesn’t look just like the drawings.  As plants have cycled (sometimes thousands of times), ductwork and their expansion joints don’t return like new, and refractory and crown seals don’t either.

We understand that, and so does ISOMEMBRANE®.  Because we fabricate on site, we have no manufacturing lead times. Years of experience with modifications, sometimes without available as-built drawings, have made us adept at approaching a wide array of installation challenges.

ISOMEMBRANE® is a long term solution to your expansion joint and dead air space leakage challenges.New Paragraph
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